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Origins Wetrooms

At Origins we pride ourselves on being the one stop shop for all your wetroom needs, with wetrooms being a still somewhat new idea there can be some confusion over what is required for construction. With the Amber range we clear this up by having everything in one place that youíll ever need for the perfect wetroom experience.

With a very modern minimalistic concept, of mainly a flooring surface that is kept clear from the rest of the bathroom and a single panel of glass, it makes for a very clean area in which to shower that doesnít result in a messy, slippery floor and stops the shower spray hitting the rest of the bathroom.

The panels in the range are constructed from in an incredibly sturdy 10mm glass, which at current is the strongest thickness available of glass, an Easi Clean coating is also applied to this which helps prevent water and dirt sticking to the glass and instead just runs off the glass, making for a panel that keeps itself clean and maintenance low.

Of course this panel by itself is no great use without a sturdy foundation in which to build upon. Origins provides the perfect package, which can save both days on installation time and money for fitters costs. The pre built packages contain the Origins level access tray which is installed flat to the floor to give the impression of flooring, and are supplied with all the parts you need to get the perfect wetroom setup easily and quickly. The trays can be purchased with a standard waste position but a linear model can also be supplied. The construction of the tray means puddles of water will not form after use, meaning less time spent cleaning and more time relaxing. So all you need is a tray, a panel and the fittings and you should have the ultimate space for indulgence.

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