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Origins Toilets

Origins Toilets

When it comes to designing a dream bathroom, many people overlook the toilet, seeing it as a purely practical item in their home. However, while that may be the case, the toilet is also one of the biggest fixtures of any bathroom, and it makes sense to have something that goes along with the rest of your decor. A toilet which clashes badly with the rest of your design could end up ruining the look of the whole room - don't make that mistake!

Not all toilets are alike, either. Today, there is a huge range of different designs and materials for you to choose from, allowing you to get a toilet or toilet suite which will fit in seamlessly with the rest of your room. Origins' toilets are sourced from high-quality European brands - taking their style from both traditional and ultra-modern continental designs, they incorporate some of the best features from around the continent to bring together the ultimate in style and functionality.

As well as their state-of-the-art aesthetic design, Origins products are manufactured to the finest quality and efficiency, coming with additional manufacturer's guarantees to give you peace of mind over your purchase. These products are also available at a considerable discount - allowing you to take advantage of the great prices on offer to complete the look of your dream bathroom. Here are some tips for getting choosing the right toilet suite for your bathroom decor.

Modern bathrooms

Modern bathrooms tend to feature a sleek, minimalist design which emphasises straight lines, and flat, smooth surfaces and walls. Often featuring a contrast between darker tiles and chrome finish fixtures, a modern kind of decor to a bathroom makes things look efficient and highly stylish. However, the wrong kind of toilet can easily clash with this kind of design. With plenty of designs available to choose from, that needn't be the case. A concealed cistern will help maintain a minimalist look to this kind of bathroom, while many of the Origins bowl designs feature flattened edges, helping them to fit in with other straight lines incorporated into your decor. Consider a wall-mounted toilet with a flush panel for an even more modern look that will truly stand out and give you a truly 21st-century bathroom.

Traditional bathrooms

For more traditional bathrooms, the toilet can fit more easily into the overall design. A close coupled toilet can be perfect here, helping to keep things compact and simple. Many of Origins' high-quality designs are made to fit in with either kind of look, and the modern twist on a classic design helps to keep things fresh and original without compromising the look of a more homely style of decor.

Smaller Bathrooms

For bathrooms where space is already at a premium, the last thing you want is for the little available room you do have to be taken up by the toilet. Many close coupled toilets available are compact enough to fit into small spaces, but with back-to-wall toilets, you can really help to declutter your bathroom and free up plenty of places for other things. A concealed cistern is ideal here, allowing you to do away with your bulky toilet cistern and store it out of sight in your wall cavity, not only giving you a stylish look but giving you far more available space.

Close Coupled Toilets

Close coupled toilets provide a compact and sturdy design, where the bowl and the cistern form part of the same unit and are kept close together. This is now the most popular style of toilet in the UK and is standard in many homes. Within this style, there is also a large variety of designs for you to choose from to get something which fits in with the rest of your bathroom's style.

The Origins Close Coupled Toilet represents a classic design with a modern touch, with a combination design with versatility in mind, making it look at home in both traditional and more modern rooms. The compact design helps to keep the size of the cistern small and save a huge amount of space, rivalled only by a concealed cistern. The high-quality construction is clear to see, and this comes with a ten-year guarantee from the manufacturer to ensure that you'll get plenty of use from it for years to come. A dual flush mechanism also helps you to save water.

Wall Hung Toilets

A modern twist on an old design, wall hung toilets can provide a stylish and eye-catching look to your bathroom. These toilets, as the name implies, are suspended from the wall, leaving space underneath, and are increasingly found in the latest designs for bathrooms both in the UK and in Europe.

The Origins Sapphire Wall Hung Toilet is a classic example of this design, with its simplicity allowing it to fit into a variety of different kinds of bathroom. With a soft-close seat and scratch-resistant glaze, it's also a highly functional and efficient piece of equipment. For an even more modern look, you can order this toilet with the additional flush plate, which allows for both long and short flushes, as well as keeping to a fresh, sleek, minimalist design.

Back to Wall Toilet

Back to wall toilets do exactly what the name implies - they come with the back of the toilet aligned with the wall, with no gap behind the bowl or cistern. This style of toilet has two major advantages - firstly, it saves space, making it ideal for use in smaller or more cramped bathrooms. Secondly, it also makes the bowl and cistern much easier to clean, as there are no gaps at the back which can function as a trap for dust and other dirt.

This design is also available as a back to wall toilet - the updated look allows it to fit in with more traditional bathrooms and modern, minimalist designs alike. For an alternative, the more smooth and rounded Origins Gem Back To Wall Toilet Set features a concealed cistern and a more traditional design, while still looking fresh, clean and unique. Many of these designs also come with the option of a soft-close toilet seat, with the hinges slowly lowering the seat onto the bowl. Not only does this smooth action help to complete the feel of a very modern bathroom, but it also reduces noise and helps save on wear and tear on the bowl, making it a hugely useful and effective piece of equipment.

Water Saving

Dual-flush systems are now the norm in Europe, and the UK is beginning to catch up. Toilets use up a huge amount of the water in your household, which can contribute significantly to your bills every year, as well as being bad for the environment. By having a flush button which offers the option of a long or short flush, you can help to save water when less is needed, not only making your household greener but also saving yourself valuable cash.

Concealed Cistern

For wall-mounted and back-to-wall toilets, a concealed cistern will help your bathroom look as clean and modern as possible. By concealing the cistern, not only is space saved, but your bathroom will look sleek, modern and minimalist. However, before you opt for this kind of design, you should check that it is right for you.

Many concealed cisterns are available which are extremely narrow and able to fit easily inside a wall cavity, making them much easier to install than they first appear. However, you will need to check that your available space in the partition can accommodate a concealed cistern - be sure you confirm this before you make any decisions. If you're going for a wall-hung toilet, you'll also need to make sure that your concealed cistern is designed to work with this kind of bowl - these will include a hanging cistern frame to support the weight of the toilet. This type of frame is extremely important if you're looking for a wall-mounted toilet, so be sure that you get the correct one!

Finally, it's important to consider the possibility that you might need to access your cistern easily if anything goes wrong. Removable wall panels are an excellent way to achieve this. There's also the flush - most modern cisterns have a dual flush system now, which helps to save water, a great way to look after both the environment and your own money.


For more traditional toilets, you may prefer to simply opt for a standard cistern, particularly if space is not an issue in your bathroom. For toilets other than close coupled toilets, you can find plenty of cisterns to be bought separately, which will pair up with your choice of bowl to produce a complete functioning unit.

The Origins Look

Origins' timeless, Mediterranean-inspired designs are styled to incorporate subtle curved shapes into your overall bathroom design. Designed with simplicity, versatility and efficiency in mind, these elegant fixtures, with both flattened and rounded edges, are at home in a variety of different kinds of bathroom. Drawing their inspiration from classic designs and the latest styles, the close-coupled and wall-mounted fixtures can complete the look of the bathroom in almost any home.

Other Origins designs provide a slight twist, presenting a more rounded style in a modern setting. Taking advantage of timeless designs for bathroom fixtures, the more compact, flowing and sleek lines of the range help to bring classic styles firmly into the 21st century. Another design that is equally at home in the ultra-modern or more traditional bathroom, these styles help fixtures to become appealing features in their own right.

Remember - a toilet is not just a simple item in a bathroom which can be ignored when it comes to deciding on your decor. It is an important fixture and something the eye may naturally be drawn towards. With the huge range of designs available today, however, you can make your toilet into a real statement piece in your bathroom, having it complete and accentuate your look rather than contrast with it.

If you're looking for a more modern, minimalist bathroom style, then concealed cisterns and wall-mounted or back-to-wall toilets can help achieve that look by decluttering your bathroom and keeping as many flat and smooth surfaces as possible. Yet, for those who prefer the traditional look, many of Origins' toilets are at home with both kinds of decor, thanks to their modern take on classic designs.

Inspired by the classical bathhouses around the Mediterranean, the Origins range is designed to incorporate style, elegance and efficiency in a pure form. These high-quality, European-sourced toilets are available at a huge discount - so check out our catalogue today and see how you can transform your bathroom.

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