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Origins Concealed Cisterns Guide

Origins Concealed Cisterns Guide

Origins Concealed Cisterns

We know the importance of sourcing products of the highest quality, ensuring that the customer's needs and desires are always met well above satisfaction. Investing in renovating or updating your toilet and bathroom is often a costly task overall, thus it is essential to know that the items you are installing are of the utmost standard that is guaranteed to last for several years without suffering from damage and wear and tear. Origins sources their products only from European brands that are known for their superior quality whilst offering competitive prices, thus you can be rest assured that your bathroom and toilet fittings will offer longevity and excellent value.

As well as ensuring excellent customer service and quality products, Origins are always looking to pursue and research the future of bathroom and toilet fixtures, making sure the products on offer are at the cutting edge, allowing your bathrooms to continue to look stylish and modern, whilst also offering state of the art functionality. That is why we are proud to display our excellent range of concealed toilet cisterns, offering numerous benefits to the decor of your bathroom. With our extensive range of products, unsightly exposed toilet cisterns and waste pipes can soon be a distant memory and confided to the history books of the bathroom and toilet fashions of old. Our concealed toilet cisterns will offer your dated bathroom a new lease of life, allowing for more space in your room alongside constant amazement from your guests at your aesthetically pleasing toilet and bathroom.

Put simply, a concealed cistern is a cistern that is hidden from vision to the naked eye through clever use of walls or purpose-built cabinets. The cisterns may be built into the wall itself, with only the flush plate and toilet pan on show. Despite being hidden away, the cisterns are still easily accessible for any maintenance that may be required through use, with the flush plate often serving as the access point. There are many benefits for choosing to install a concealed cistern, making the decision to conceal your unsightly cisterns and waste pipes an undeniably sensible decision. Here is a brief list as to why you should choose our concealed cistern products for your bathroom and toilet:

Easy to clean

Our products not only look great but are also the more hygienic solution. As the cistern is hidden away, there is no difficulty in cleaning your bathroom floor, as you no longer have to reach around the back and sides of the cistern, an area which can often be a site that harbours germs and dirt due to being hard to reach.

More space

As the concealed cisterns are built into the wall, there is therefore much less floor space used up. Additionally, a wall-hung toilet pan as opposed to a floor-standing one offers an even greater illusion of space, helping your bathroom to look and feel much bigger than before.

The future is concealed

The concealed cistern products we offer are state-of-the-art toilet solutions, utilising high-tech technology to ensure ease of use and trouble-free flushing and operation.

A green solution

Concealed cisterns are also better for the environment, as all flush plates offer a dual-flush mechanism, allowing you to reduce the amount of water used with each flush, thus saving water but also saving you money on your water bill. For a single flush, it would only use around four litres of water, whilst the double-flush uses six litres in order to remove solid articles from your toilet pan.

Less noise

Concealed cisterns are fantastic at reducing the noise level of the toilet's flush, helping you to relieve yourself in peace and quiet, no longer having to fear disturbing other people in your living space who may be asleep or busy concentrating on their work.

Built to last and easily adjustable

A huge advantage of choosing to install a concealed cistern along with a wall-hung toilet pan is that you can have huge control as to the height level of the toilet, ensuring extra comfort for when you are using your it. For example, if you are particularly tall, you will be able to raise the toilet pan higher, offering much greater levels of accommodation as to the user's needs than any floor-standing toilet pan could ever facilitate. Additionally, built-in cisterns and wall-hung toilet pans are built to be strong and long-lasting, capable of withstanding over 400 kg of weight, making them certainly able to cope with larger individuals.

Make your bathroom your own

Installing a concealed cistern will radically transform the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, making it look modern and sleek, making unattractive toilet waste pipes a thing of the past. A number of design possibilities are also made possible through a concealed cistern. They greatly allow more space to get creative, helping you to personalise your bathroom like never before. As the cistern is hidden behind a wall, you gain extra wall space for your creativity to shine, allowing you to choose exciting and colourful tiles upon the back wall. You may instead choose to make it a feature wall, using bold colours or prints to make the back wall really stand out and breathe vibrancy and colour into your toilet or bathroom.

Origins understands the importance of allowing customers to relish in opportunities for customisation and personalisation. Our concealed cistern solutions offer just this with our huge range of products, allowing you to choose the perfect toilet solutions for your needs. From concealed cisterns themselves, to frames for mounting and a wide variety of flush plates, you can make your dream bathroom a reality. There are a number of different product types available here at Origins, offering different capabilities and size requirements. All products are sourced from highly-regarded European brands, ensuring quality will be delivered.

Concealed cistern options

There are a large number of different concealed cistern options available at Origins. Cisterns can be bought individually or as a joint package that includes both the frame and cistern itself. For individual cisterns, they come in a variety of different sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your bathroom. For example, cisterns can range from 820mm to 980 mm and 1180 mm. The cisterns also have a choice of flushing mechanisms, with some offering modern touch panels whilst others maintain a more traditional approach, utilising a classic mechanical hand flush. The mechanical hand flush cistern offers a cheaper alternative to the touch panel options whilst still offering ease of use. The dual flush cisterns allow adaptability in selecting the type and size of syphon you desire, with this modification providing you with the choice of either a flush of 6 litres/3 litres (standard) or a smaller flush at 4.5 litres/3 litres. The cisterns are suitable for all Press Panels and come supplied with mounting brackets ready for you to install upon the frame selected. The cisterns are strong and durable through their high quality plastic construction, which is verified by their Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval.

Wall-fixing frames

If you choose to buy your cistern individually, then you will also need to select the appropriate wall-fixing frame upon which the cistern can be connected. Frames come in a number of different options that can be adjusted as required. There are Low Height frames available alongside full-size options. The frames act as self-contained fixing systems for your cistern that can be constructed before attaching to the wall itself, allowing for an easily assembled system. Frames also come with extension bolt sets and quick fix nuts which allow for any adjustments needed to be made as required for your individual situation. The voids that the frames offer provide additional design options for your bathroom installation, as they enable the ability to install elegant recessed natural wooden timber cabinets. This provides the option for additional storage space, offering an additional benefit to the installation of a concealed cistern. Storage space is always a vital necessity in anyone's home and the potential for your bathroom to offer such space is often neglected, yet these concealed cistern frames allow you to explore innovative ways to gain extra storage space. Another reason to choose our fabulous products! All frames are adequately tested to ensure that they can support over 400 kg of weight.

All-inclusive sets

Whilst cisterns and frames are available individually, it is also possible to buy the two items together as an all-inclusive set. This has the added bonus of including a soil pipe in the purchase, which would otherwise have to be bought separately as the individual cisterns do not come with them as standard. These packages are fantastic cost-effective options that also allow for ease of purchase, buying all the equipment needed for your concealed cistern ready for its installation in one fell swoop. Then all you have to decide upon is the type of flush plate you would like and also selecting the perfect toilet pan for your bathroom!

Origins flush plates

By choosing a concealed cistern, the only toilet-related facilities that are on show will be the toilet pan itself and also the flush plate. We have an extensive range of flush plates on offer, allowing you to select the style that suits your bathroom's decor perfectly. From stylish and sleek metallic plates to more simplistic plain white panels that blend in with your white walls, a range of possibilities are available to you. The buttons upon our flush panels come in different shapes and sizes, which could potentially compliment any tile designs you may choose to decorate your bathroom walls with. For a particularly modern and futuristic look, we also stock electronic touch-free flush panels. These are mains operated devices that function through the use of infrared detection technology. Once the user has been detected, the panel button will light up, confirming a flush has been initiated.

As these panels are touch-free, this allows for a more hygienic approach to flushing a toilet, avoiding the spread of germs onto other users. Not only does it help protect you from harmful bacteria, these flush plates also certainly look the part, guaranteed to attract the attention of your guests who will no doubt be impressed by your fantastic modern toilet. These electronic flush plates are compatible with our range of cisterns, again offering extra control for our customers to ensure that every concealed cistern installation is a personalised activity. The flush panels on offer are offered at a range of different prices, allowing you to select the option that is right, not only for your bathroom needs, but also for your financial position. All our flush plates have dual-flush capabilities in order to ensure that your cistern can be used efficiently as well as hygienically.

How to conceal you cistern

The products we offer do not simply stop at the toilet equipment itself, as we also offer a variety of different options for how you might choose to conceal your cistern. This includes items such as a tileable box that can be installed in order to cover your cistern and slimline frame from view. These concealing boxes are all constructed to a high quality, acting as the perfect base from which your creativity can shine if you decide to add any additional aesthetic changes to the fixtures. As previously suggested, these concealing boxes could also be adapted to include storage space for your bathroom, serving as extra cabinet space for your bathroom supplies.

If you feel ready to take the first step to modernising your bathroom and keeping with the times with a brand new concealed cistern toilet system, we are ready to assist in any way possible to make your dream become a reality. With a large plethora of high quality products from respected European brands, Origins can cater for your individual needs, allowing you to take control and create the bathroom of the future. There are a wealth of benefits to be found with your new concealed toilet, from more storage space, better hygiene, and aesthetically pleasing decor, there is really no better time to choose a concealed cistern solution. With competitive prices to boot, Origins range of cisterns can make your dreams a reality.

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Published on Thursday, 27th April 10:32am
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