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Shower Heads Guide

Shower Heads Guide

Origins Shower Heads

If you are looking to purchase a new shower head of fantastic European quality and contemporary styling, then you can’t go far wrong with an Origins Shower Head. Made by some of the European manufacturers and designers who make shower heads for other brands which are a lot more expensive, you are buying the same quality for a much more reasonable price.

Origins is affordable luxury – an opportunity which is difficult to pass up! Origin shower heads all blend contemporary styling with fantastic high quality and attention to detail. You really will feel special taking a shower under your new Origins shower head!

But what style should go for? We sell both Origins wall mounted shower heads and Origins ceiling mounted shower heads, and it is really up to your own personal preference as to which one you go for. Some of the Origins shower sets also come with the option of a handheld shower, ideal if you wish to have the flexibility of a shower head which is detachable. Have a look below to find out a bit more about each type and ensure you’re making an informed purchase decision.

What is a Fixed Shower Head?

A fixed shower head is the most common type of shower head. As the name suggests they are either fixed to the wall or the ceiling, making them a great no-fuss option with no hoses to worry about. They look neat and tidy, as well as being exceptionally practical. Origins fixed shower heads come in two varieties – ceiling mounted or wall mounted.

Fixed showers are also perfect for taller people, as they either fix on the ceiling or higher up the wall. They are also really convenient as you won’t keep needing to re-adjust the height of the shower each time you use it (which will gradually get very annoying).

Some of the fixed shower heads are also articulated. This basically means that they can be adjusted around 10 degrees or so in any direction, so that you can find a positioning which suits you and your needs perfectly. This is a great way to make the most of your shower space – be sure to check on each product’s separate description to check whether it is articulated or not.

Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads

A fantastic contemporary option, a ceiling mounted shower head will give your bathroom the ‘wow’ factor. Extending straight down from the ceiling, they are a great choice for larger showers and wetrooms, as well as walk in showers as they provide a larger area of water coverage.

Origins ceiling mounted shower heads come in a range of shapes and sizes. The traditional round shower head is the most popular, but they are also available squared-shaped – perfect for the modern bathroom. They are also known as ‘rainfall’ showers for obvious reasons.

Wall Mounted Shower Heads

Another option with Origins fixed shower heads are the wall mounted variety. A great option for the smaller shower enclosure or bathroom, wall mounted are (obviously) fixed to the wall, with an arm coming straight out of the wall and the head pointing down in a fixed position.

Like the ceiling mounted shower heads, they are available from Origins in either round or square, so you can really make your bathroom your own.

Handheld Shower and Riser Rail

For the ultimate convenience, why not consider buying a multi-functional Origins Shower head which includes a riser rail which attaches to the wall and holds a handheld shower head? Great for those times when you don’t want to turn your full shower on, such as when you just want to wash your hair or even wash the dog! Handheld showers will provide you with a huge range of options to make sure that your every need is satisfied – perfect for a busy family bathroom.

Origins shower heads with both a handheld shower and fixed shower have an easy to use diverter, to make it easy to choose between them. The handheld shower is on a flexible and convenient hose, to make showering just that little bit easier. The hose is also anti-kink, meaning that any sudden halts to water flow are a thing of the past! The sturdy riser rail will allow you to adjust the handheld shower to a height which suits you.

The only thing to bear in mind about handheld showers is that the water stream can be slightly less powerful than with fixed showers. However, they do all have the feature of offering three different types of shower streams. These vary in intensity and pressure, offering you the ultimate flexibility for your every need. Simply twist the head to achieve the water stream you want. A slightly less powerful water stream can also be a fantastic option for those who may be unsuitable to a powerful water stream, such as the elderly and young children.

What options do Origins shower sets come in?

Origins stock a wide variety of different package options, so you will be sure to find the right purchase to suit what you need.

Valve and fixed shower head: A great option if you are not fussed about having a handheld shower, these just provide you with ta concealed valve and fixed shower head, which you can either fix to the ceiling or the wall. The perfect option if you just want something simple! You can choose from either a two way valve or a three way valve.

Valve, fixed shower head and handheld shower: This is the most comprehensive purchase decision you could make. This multi-functional option includes the concealed valve, the fixed shower head and the handheld shower. You will have your every showering need covered with this choice! You can choose from either a two way valve or a three way valve.

Valve on its own: You can just buy the concealed two way valve on its own if you do not require a new fixed shower head.

Exposed valve, fixed shower head and handheld shower: This is another option which will cover your every need, but instead this time with an exposed bar valve.

How big do you want your shower head?

Origins shower heads come in a variety of set sizes, to suit your personal tastes, needs and to suit the size of your bathroom.

Origins fixed shower heads come in a choice of two sizes; either 200mm or 250mm. These shower heads are both very large, allowing for full body drenching. They provide a really luxurious spa-like feel to your everyday washing experience.

The handheld showers have a smaller head size of around 100mm. This is perfect when you don’t want to wield around a large shower head – they are very light and ideal for those with restricted mobility or when you need to wash your hair.

It is really up to you which shower head size you go for, depending on your personal needs and what you are primarily going to be using the shower for. It would generally be argued though that the larger the shower head the better, and if you have the space for it why not go for the largest option?!

Origins Valves

Valves are the system which controls your Origin shower head. They come in three different styles for you to choose from:

Two-Way Control Valve


This type of valve is recessed into the wall, meaning that all pipework is all hidden away. This is a great option if you want to keep things minimalistic and simple. Typically a size of 120mm x 215mm, it is also not too obtrusive in your shower. The two dials control the temperature and the pressure separately in a no-fuss way. These type of hidden valves are also fantastic if you wish to maximise the space in your shower – great in slightly smaller bathrooms or shower spaces.

Three-Way Control Valve


This type of valve is also recessed into the wall, again meaning that all pipework is all hidden away. This is a great option if you want to keep things minimalistic and simple. There are three separate controls which each control different things: the temperature, pressure and one acts as a diverter. The three-way control valve is sold with shower sets which include a hand-held shower, but you can also buy it with a fixed shower. This gives you the option of adding on a separate hand-held shower in the future. These types of hidden valves are also fantastic if you wish to maximise the space in your shower – great in slightly smaller bathrooms or shower spaces.

Exposed bar valve

This type of valve is used in some Origins shower sets which have a fixed shower head and a separate hand-held shower. These type of valves have the same functionality of the two above, but with the added design element of being exposed. The Origins exposed bar valves hark to a more traditional styling, giving your bathroom that little extra decoration. This type of exposed bar valve may not be suitable for some smaller bathrooms however, as the bar does jut out of the wall slightly. This does reduce the room in your shower just a little bit.

What are the Origins shower heads made of?


All Origins shower heads are made of brass, but are finished with a contemporary and fresh chrome colour – the perfect addition to your new bathroom.

Brass is the premium choice for all bathroom accessories. It is incredibly resistant to corrosion which is essential if you want your shower head to last for years to come. It is also fantastic when it is submitted to very high temperatures – it won’t deform or lose its shape in even the highest of temperatures. In fact, brass is actually fire resistant!

Chrome plating brass not only makes your fittings look fantastic and chic, it also makes rusting very difficult, and prevents scratches and marks. Your bathroom will look fresh and newly fitted for years to come! The shiny silver is likely to go with a huge range of personal tastes and choices of tile colour. The chrome plating also allows for easy and quick cleaning.

What is a thermostatic cut-off?

A thermostatic cut-off is a safety feature which is available with some Origins shower heads and shower sets. Be sure to check each unit’s description to make sure that this feature comes with your chosen shower before you make your purchase – if you require it.

In the event that your cold water fails, the shower will automatically turn off within five seconds so as to prevent any risk of scalding, which can be very dangerous.

This is an essential feature if people using the shower have mobility problems and may not be able to react quick enough to move out of the way of the shower or to turn it off themselves. It will also give you peace of mind if your children may be using the shower too, for the same reason.

This feature also makes sure the water maintains at a constant temperature of between 36 degrees and 45 degrees. This will prevent any sudden cold showers if someone flushes the toilet somewhere else in the house or turns on the tap in the kitchen! A very cold shower can be just as unpleasant as a very hot shower.

Be sure to check your water pressure

When purchasing your Origins shower head, you need to be aware of the level of pressure which your plumbing system has.

You will need to do a bit of research about your system beforehand, but if your pressure system is 1.0 bar or greater, then you have a high pressure system. If your pressure system is less than 1.0 bar, then you have a low pressure system.

Some of the Origins shower heads are only able to work with high pressure systems, whereas others are able to work with both low pressure and high pressure. Make sure to check each product’s description to find out if your water system will be suitable, or get in touch if you need some help and advice.

We hope that you found this guide about Origins shower heads helpful. Be sure to take a look at the range of Origins shower heads for yourself, and you will see just what fantastic quality they are, and at such as reasonable cost compared to other shower heads of the same high-quality!

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