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Wetrooms Buyers Guide

Wetrooms Buyers Guide

Origins Wetrooms are the benchmark for high-quality continental bathroom designs available at competitive prices.

Giving your home a stylish wetroom look is absolutely achievable today thanks to a diverse selection of fittings and flooring options on the market at affordable prices. Guaranteed to be watertight in any area of a building, Origins Wetrooms can deliver on the dream of a sophisticated luxury bathroom space.

While some people may find the idea of wetroom installation an overwhelming challenge, the comprehensive range of Origins products prove it does not have to be. It is true that there can be a number of decisions to make and these decisions can be complicated by a dizzying number of options available. But by taking the appropriate Origins UK guidance, using the right quality products and following the procedures and instructions we offer, it can be accomplished much more easily than you might expect. The results of a stylish Origins Wetroom are well worth it.

What are wetrooms?

First things first. It's important to understand that, while there are obvious similarities, wetrooms are not standard bathrooms. Traditionally speaking, a wetroom is a bathroom which has no internal dedicated or raised areas, and an open access shower. In terms of structure, a wetroom needs to have a gentle gradient or slope down to a drain hole, as well as an air trap connecting the floor to the waste pipes. A wetroom is, as the name suggests, designed to get wet. Therefore, it must be entirely waterproofed.

Wetrooms offer a more open sense of space, usually presenting same-level access for the shower area, rather than a small step up. Floors themselves should suit the style of the entire room. Origins Wetrooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be adapted. If drainage is an issue, raised access can be considered, and wetroom trays are an option to be integrated into dedicated wet areas. Adding a sophisticated wetroom panel can also uniquely furnish the room while helping to contain water.

The growing popularity of wetrooms can be attributed to a number of different reasons. For starters, they can help to save space if you only have a small bathroom. Having a wetroom means that you don’t need to have a shower cubicle, which often restricts movement in a small room. Obviously, you don't need to have a bath in the room either.

Wetrooms are extremely practical, too, especially for people with mobility or accessibility issues because they eliminate any need to step up into a shower cubicle or over a bathtub ridge. Wetrooms are also considered to be fashionable and stylish. So if you want to craft a cool and modern look in your bathroom, installing a wetroom might be the answer. People also tend to like wetrooms because they can be easier to clean. This is because there are not so many fiddly surfaces and tight corners to get between.

Our ever-expanding range of wetroom and bathroom products mean there are plenty of designs to choose from and you will be guaranteed to shape a space to suit the look of your house. Wetroom installation

But times change quickly in the world of bathroom design. With the UK’s growing interest in wetrooms came a rapid increase in the number of complementary products designed to secure and simplify installations. The high-quality materials offered by Origins UK give our customers assurance that all water and moisture is securely contained and extracted from all wetrooms and bathrooms.

Installing a wetroom should be a straightforward process. In essence, you are constructing a series of strong and watertight barriers which will reinforce each other. Additional tasks to tiling include preparing the room with a primer or similar, sealing all joints and applying a tanking membrane that can be simply rolled on to the floor and walls. These are some of a multiplying number of methods designed to safeguard your bathroom against leaking. Whereas an existing standard bathroom will have no protection, by taking these steps you will have a fully protected wetroom. Our custom built trays can be installed to fit beneath the floor, before being tanked over, creating the necessary slope towards the drain.

Our solutions are simple to install and expert advice is always on hand. But although doing it yourself is a good way to save time and money, it's always highly recommended that you use qualified professionals for any plumbing required.

Wetroom screens

Origins wetroom screens present the perfect solution when it comes to designing a snug bathroom sanctuary. Sleek and stylish, our curved or straight-edged screens are carefully carved from toughened safety glass and can usually be fixed flush against walls with a single supporting arm. You might even choose to add a further wetroom screen to give a corner style design with an L-shaped return panel, stopping water from splashing into other areas of the room.

The intention is to create an open walk-in area, with no doors to open and no steps to climb. The emphasis is on convenience and accessibility.

Our wetroom screens come ready to fit together with dedicated wetroom trays, offering a quick and simple out-of-the-box option which eliminates the complicated process of matching different products against each other. Whatever your requirements of a wetroom screen, Origins is the place to begin your search. Our broad spectrum of options is guaranteed to suit all design briefs and budgets. If you need any extra inspiration or have questions about the best wetroom screen for your home, our staff are always available to help.

Read more information about high quality and affordable Origins UK wetroom screens < LINK

Wetroom Trays

Wetroom tray technology has undergone many positive changes in recent years. They can now be considerably thinner and offer level accessed or slightly raised access without compromising the wet room look. Wetroom trays are even considered by some to be an alternative to renovating a whole room. Origins UK Wetroom Trays are available in a range of different designs, enabling you to select and match to your own space.

In selecting wetroom trays it is good practice to assess joins between the tray and surrounding area. This can be a notorious weak point for water penetration, meaning it should be well fitted.

A popular way of finishing a wetroom around a wetroom tray is floor tiling. This can be a precise operation because the floor is required to slope for the water to drain. Finishes and tiling should be considered alongside the selection of wetroom trays. It’s also worth remembering that even when the floor is fully sealed, moisture will inevitably be absorbed into tile grouts. This means the less tile grouts the better. By using larger tiles you will reduce the amount of grout lines. Another help can be underfloor heating, which supports the quick drying of the floor and reduces the need for long term maintenance. It can also reduce general moisture circulating around the room.

If you have any concerns or questions about what type of wetroom tray is right for you, our team is always ready to help.

Read more information about our sophisticated range of Origins UK Wetroom Trays.

Wetroom Fixings

Strong Wetroom fixings will help to secure and maintain your wetroom. A range of different wetroom fixings are available from Origins UK to maximise your investment and preserve your wetroom for long term use.

Tanking systems are an integral waterproofing component around which many wetroom fixings are based. It is usually recommended that your tanking system covers a much wider area than the shower. Indeed, in many wet room cases it’s recommended to cover the entire wetroom or bathroom floor. After this tanking of the wet area has been completed, any extra materials or replacements needed in the long term will be relatively inexpensive.

Many tanking systems also perform the function of tile backer boards, giving the advantage of assurance that the wet area is fully tanked, so any seeping of water through cracks in the grout will be secured by the tanked wall. Initial costs may rise, but they will be nothing compared to the potential damage it can cause over a longer period of constant use.

A number of wetroom systems supply a compromise of skirting solutions or tanking paints. Tanking paints give the walls an economical waterproof membrane. These are considered viable options for use in standard shower cubicles and enclosures. If you are in any doubt concerning what is the best option for your wetroom, we have experienced and friendly staff on-hand to offer you advice and tips.

A clean, modern set with a minimum of components, this concealed set from Essential provides a sleek solution to renovating a tired shower area.

Origins UK provides a range of fittings including the all important shower head. Amongst this extensive range is The Origins Recessed Themostatic Shower Valve And Fixed Shower Head. This is a clean and minimalist set with the bare essentials designed to a high quality standard. With much concealed from view, this is a clean solution which is perfect for a low clutter wetroom.

Keeping all plumbing components behind a bright chrome mounting plate gives clear value in a stylish and streamlined appearance. Simple access to water flow and temperature is given through separate control valves which are operated via ceramic cartridge technology. An articulated shower head can be angled upwards to ten degrees in any direction, enabling a gentle angle of spray to suit the user. The wall-mounting arm of 330mm guarantees a comprehensive soak on every use courtesy of a 200mm diameter shower head. With a minimum operating pressure of 1 bar, this set is unsuitable for low pressure systems.

Read more information about the full range of functional and durable Origins UK Wetroom Fixings. < LINK

Origins UK Wetrooms - Available And Affordable To Everyone

Origins UK wetrooms are an affordable luxury because we strive to give our customers the best available bathroom products within the price range. From wetroom kits to vanity units, all the high quality components you’d expect from a modern living space can be discovered here. What’s more, all can be achieved with standard installation or renovation budgets.

Representing an authentic flavour of European style living, our series of wet room products are designed and assembled for a rapid and adaptable installation. Our Level Access Room Kits offer a customisable level of coverage according to the different room shapes and layouts in your home. This will give you the confidence in a comprehensively watertight shower space.

Inspired by classical bath houses of Turkey and the Mediterranean, the Origins UK range gives you everything you need to create your own stunningly presented continental shower space. A diverse range of differently designed tiled shower cubicles can add a personal touch to your own private haven, as well as adding value to your property. The shower spaces available include curved, spiral, quadrant and circular options, together with all the relevant components. This gives you a straightforward, simple installation. If that isn’t enough, presenting additional style and function is the optional extra feature of recessed, waterproof shelving.

European design influence is evident throughout the Origins UK range of bathroom units. The team here pride themselves on a commitment to innovative products while being mindful of the styles and design traditions of the past. Attention to detail is consistently of paramount importance through the Origins design and production. This is demonstrated throughout our entire product range. In selecting elite continental manufacturers, we ensure that our products can meet and exceed the demands of day-to-day use, whether that use is in a busy family home, in a hotel bathroom or in a hospitality suite.

Origins UK wetrooms represent a commitment to high quality wetroom fittings and fixtures at genuinely affordable prices. While it might look like a luxury at first glance, a wetroom can be purchased and fitted much more easily than you might expect. Please take a browse around our wetroom collection and make the first step to creating or reinventing your very own wetroom.

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