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Baths Buyers Guide

Baths Buyers Guide

When it comes to creating the perfect bathroom, nothing quite says opulence and luxury like a divine and relaxing bath. There are now a wide range of options available at your finger tips for you to buy for your house: never before has it been so easy to find something you like to suit your home, or get the best value and highest quality design for your money. It goes beyond functionality; buying the right bath for your home is about creating and enhancing the full spa experience.

We have a wide variety of Origins high quality European bath designs available at competitive prices ranging from a number of different styles and price points. You can pair your final selection with our stunning bath screens and bath taps for the ultimate finish.

Picking the right bath for your home

When it comes to picking the ultimate bath, there are a number of things you need to think about. Ultimately, regardless of whether you are buying your bath for functional or aesthetic reasons, you are making an investment. In addition to this, it is going to be a focal point for your room.

Therefore, it is not just about spending your money wisely but also ensuring you pick the best style and material for your bathroom and the space you have. Never buy your bath tub on a whim - you need to ensure it is the right one for you.

The space

One of the key elements in getting a new bath tub is how much space you have available. It's important to consider the room it is going to live in and what the layout is like. As a general rule of thumb, a bath that is freestanding will require more space and will cost you more as an initial outlay than if you opt for something built in.

The space will also determine what shape of bath you go for. A rectangular bath is most classic and traditional. It will fit in an alcove or between two walls. They usually come with a front and acrylic end panel and this can be matched to suit your bathroom.

Alternatively, if you want a more traditional finish and look to your bath, you can opt for a furniture finish. This usually includes MDF panels giving a wooden-type effect. A rectangular bath comes in many sizes to suit your room, so it isn't a case of one-size-fits-all.

You can build your bath to suit your space. You can also opt for a range of shapes when it comes to a traditional bath; it is about finding what suits the shape and size of your room, as well as the overall feel. For something more minimalist, you will want sharp lines and angular shapes. For a softer, more vintage room, you'll be looking for more curves and soft edges.

The double-ended bath can likewise fit into either an alcove or a corner; it can look great freestanding too. It is generally larger than a rectangular bath with sloping ends. With the taps sitting in the middle, it allows for two people to comfortably enjoy using it. Again, there are different lengths and widths available to ensure your space is accommodated for.

There's also the shower bath; this is better for smaller rooms where you are not able to fit both a bath and shower into the space. They're flexible yet stylish and enable you to make the most of the limited room you have available. This bath combines the two in one functions.

It is possible to have a shower over the top of a traditional rectangular bath, but you may also opt for one that is wider at one end (this can be either as a rounded or square shape). This is known as a P-shaped bath, but you can also opt for a kidney bean shape. It is ideal for combining the chance to have both relaxing soaks in the bath with time-strapped invigorating showers.

If you opt for a P-shaped bath, the wider part of the bath will require more room and it is therefore important to consider how this will affect the size and shape of your space. It needs to feel like a natural and comfortable fit. As with the other types of baths, the sizes, lengths and widths do vary so you can choose a bath that works for your bathroom.

Finally, if you have plenty of space and a free corner, you may opt for a corner bath. These are often much larger than your traditional bath and often, many people use the corner bath as their chance to also select a jacuzzi-type bath.

As there is a lot of free space to recline, it is very similar to the double-ended bath in the way it is used. Many people opt to install a corner bath with the mindset of more than one person using it. It's great in a family bathroom where you may want to bathe your children at the same time as it gives them lots of space.

A corner bath is a great way of using up redundant space in your bathroom or making the most of the walls and corners that you have got to economically fit as much in to your bathroom as possible.

Who will use it?

It's also crucial that you think about who will be using the bath and how. For example, if it is in a family bathroom, you may require a larger bath that can fit several children at once - either a corner bath or a traditional bath.

Perhaps you will opt for a P-shaped bath, which will enable some people in your house to have relaxing baths, and others to make use of the invigorating shower when in a hurry.

If you are designing a bathroom for just yourself, you may be happy with a single-ended bath; whereas if it is for you and your partner, then perhaps a double-ended bath will be better. This means the taps will be in the middle and you won't have to worry about who will have the "tap end" poking into their back when trying to relax.

If you have children, a freestanding bath with large rolling sides may not be a practical solution if you're having to lean over to bathe them. You may find something more accessible and with lower edges will work best. However, for a guest bathroom, it may make a stylish focal talking point.

The style

Part of choosing the right Origins bath for your home is ensuring whatever you pick works well in the space, but also that it is in keeping with the style of your home. Most modern baths are either made from porcelain enamelled steel, thermoformed acrylic, fibreglass-reinforced polyester, or porcelain enamelled cast iron.


Acrylic baths are a common choice in the modern home, especially as an all-white classic option. They are particularly good at keeping the bath temperature warm and ensuring heat is retained within. They also stay quite warm to the touch. When they are reinforced with fibreglass, this helps to aid their rigidity and quality.

Acrylic is one of the more popular choices when it comes to picking the right bath for your home; and with a number of high quality European brands to pick from at competitive prices, there are now a wealth of options open to you.

It is particularly easy to maintain, they're resilient over many years and, with soft contours, is comfortable to use. You can opt for a glossy finish in a range of colours, and there is a lot of flexibility in terms of sizes, shapes and designs. If you are prone to falls, either because of age or disability, or you have children that are always slipping over, an acrylic bath is much more forgiving.

Likewise, if the surface gets scratched, you can restore it through light sanding by using (extra-fine grit) wet and dry sandpaper. Over time, if it dulls in shine, you'll be able to buff the surface to get the shine back. It is also resistant to thermal cracking, as well as to chemicals and mildew. In addition, you won't need to worry about any flexing in the sides of the bath or the floor.

If you don't want to go for the more classic white finish with your acrylic bath, you can also choose from a range of MDF panels on the side that give your space a 'furniture' finish. These can range from white-washed wood effect sides, dark mahogany panels, lighter wood finishes or block colours for an art deco effect. There is a lot of design flexibility with these types of bath edges.

Acrylic provides an affordable, stylish and modern choice for your bathroom. There is a lot of option available for the style you choose as a result and it can be easily maintained and repaired.

Porcelain enamelled cast iron

For a more traditional feel to the bathroom, there's the option of porcelain enamelled cast iron. This is often the choice of material for freestanding baths. This type of bath is the kind you would have seen in the upper class houses during the Victorian era and has a very sturdy, solid feel to it.

The high-gloss surface is resistant to most chemicals and chipping, however, abrasive cleaning products can potentially destroy this shine. If you do damage the bath for whatever reason, for example with scratches or cracks, it is very expensive to repair - largely because the bath is one unit and cannot be taken apart in the same way as modern tubs, which often have removable side panels that can be replaced. This is something to keep in mind when buying this type of bath tub.

These baths are very strong and durable. However, this can make them very heavy and sometimes, you will require extra support in the sub-floor in order to hold this extra weight. It is important to understand the structure of your bathroom and flooring before committing to this type of tub - and may be worth taking out a survey beforehand to ensure it's a safe decision.

They can be very cold to the touch initially and to keep the heat in your bath water, you will have to keep adding hot water. Additionally, they can be more limited in the shapes and sizes they come in; however, that all being said, an enamelled cast iron bath does add a serious level of luxury and status to a room. It has a very dominant feel to it that makes it a stand-out feature for all who visit.

Given that they are generally more expensive, it has an opulent feel to it - especially when you are choosing from a range of high quality European brands. Plus, once filled with bubbles, it's a hugely relaxing and indulgent experience.

Other materials

While acrylic and porcelain enamelled cast iron are two of the most popular choices, they're not the only ones to be made. For a dramatic focal point to the room, you can also opt for your bath to be made out of marble (albeit an expensive and heavy option), glass, granite, copper, brass and onyx.

These types of baths are all very beautiful and make a real statement. However, they do require extra specialist care and are more limited in their style options. They're like a work of art within the room.

There is also the option of European steel enamel, which is increasing in popularity. It is sturdy and strong, easy to care for and resistant to scratches, limescale and heat. It is available in a number of shapes and sizes, including narrow tubs for smaller spaces.

The accessories

When it comes to picking your bath, it isn't just the tub you need to think about. Origins also sell a wide variety of stylish accessories to complement your new bath. Along with chic bath taps and bath waste solutions (e.g. plug holes), these include a range of splash-back screens; particularly ideal if you have opted for a shower over the bath. These will help to keep the rest of your bathroom dry and ensure the floor doesn't get slippy outside the tub.

These are available in a number of different designs from standard rectangular shapes to curved panels. You can opt for a frameless or framed design, frosted glass or a completely clear screen. Plus, depending on the space you have available, you can also have a folding screen that helps to save on space and enables you to choose between having your screen on show or folded away.

Alternatively, you can choose a single panel that moves as one piece. It's not just traditional baths that you can get a glass panel for, and P-shaped baths can also suit a panel - these can be curved in a semi-circle shape to fit around the curves of your bath.

A bath screen is a great way of adding to the design of your room, as are your bath taps - which can really help to finish the look of your bath. From style to colour, they will complement your choice of tub and create the aesthetic you're after.

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Contact us today to get the perfect Origins bath for your space. Speak with one of our expert consultants who will guide you through the wide variety of high quality choices on offer and help you decide what will be the best investment for you.

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