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Bathroom Heating Buyers Guide

Bathroom Heating Buyers Guide

The days when a bathroom was just a functional place are long gone. Bathrooms are now getting as much attention as any other room, as they can be a haven for relaxation, pampering and even a space for thinking.

This means you don’t just want a stylish room, you also need your bathroom to be effortlessly warm and welcoming.

With all its tiles, ceramics and wipe clean surfaces - and of course its need for ventilation - the bathroom is in danger of being the coldest room in your house. What you don’t want to do is heat the whole house to try to make your shower or bath less of an ordeal.

So, you don’t want your bathroom to be either an ice box or a sauna with no options in between. Therefore, fingertip, adjustable warmth where and when you need it is the solution.

Warming to your ideal bathroom

Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy those times in our day when we can take a bath or a shower and let life’s cares wash away. One national newspaper did a survey and discovered the British spend an average of 100 hours a year in the bath or shower.

With so many amazing pamper products on the market, the vast majority of folk spend longer in the bathroom in general than ever before.

So having the right ambient temperature in your bathroom, to suit your own personal preferences, can make the experience even more special.

If you are creating a new bathroom or updating an existing one, you will want your bathroom heating to be part of your style statement too. You can achieve this with the Origins range of items, manufactured to a high standard in Europe, and offered to you at highly affordable prices.

This guide is to help you find your way around those deals and to make your buying experience as comfortable as your new bathroom is going to be.

Heated towel rails

Heated bathroom rails are not necessarily just about having a place to store and dry off your towels. They offer the perfect way to step straight from your shower or bath into a warm, fluffy fabric cloud. Bliss.

Heated towel rails from the European craftsmen who engineer the highly affordable Origins range also off you good looking bathroom additions. There are various shapes, sizes and structures available in heated towel rails, all with two things in common. They provide effortless heat and also make a fashion statement.

Heated towel rails can either be integrated into your central heating system or act as an island of warmth with their own power source.

There are two main systems to heat towel rails. If they have water running through them, this spreads the heat evenly across the whole eye-catching structure. However, dry element rails offer the advantage of warming up faster. Take a look at the ever widening and improving range, to find an Origins system that suits your exact specifications.

Heated towel rail design

Are you looking for something compact and stylish? How many towels do you regularly need? It could be you need a rail to hold a substantial number of items, or you can get away with super-modern, minimalistic designs that just hold one or two.

The competitively priced Origins range of towel rails, manufactured in Europe, have been created to match your budget and your own preferences on bathroom design. That’s why the structures vary. This includes the traditional ladder design which has been tried and trusted over the years to hold and warm towels. It offers you neatness and efficiency.

However, it may be that you prefer a completely wall mounted design, and possibly a swivel system, or a floor mounted rail that sits flush against the wall.

This doesn’t have to just be a towel warmer either, Origins offers options for smaller bathrooms that serve as both a heated towel rail and radiator all in one. Those beautiful, neat looking products may look relatively small, but they serve up mighty warmth. They can even heat every corner of your smaller bathroom.

If you have a larger family and need lots of ways of drying towels, you could get a towel drying radiator too. Some models of radiator on the market actively encourage you not to place anything on them for valid safety reasons. The European craftspeople who create the Origins range have designed radiators that can safely hold and warm your towels.

White, beige, chrome, stainless steel and anthracite, you will find the colours, styles and dimensions to provide a highly practical addition to any bathroom, that also one that adds to your overall style statement. There is even an option for a textured finish.


A nice fluffy towel and a matching set of bath mats aren’t going to be enough on those chilly winter mornings or for those late evenings when you lay in the bath for way too long.

But imagine a heating system that fills the air with splendid warmth, and is easy to control and adjust. That’s the carefully crafted Origins range of radiators, created to European bathroom standards by people who know that having both affordable prices and perfection can be possible.

Before choosing a radiator, you need to measure the exact dimensions for the space available. You also need to know just how warm you want the room to get (see BTU below) as that will dictate the number, size and output of the heating appliances you choose.

Modern science – and the craftsmen engineers at Origins' European manufacturing sites – mean that radiators these days are incredibly versatile and adjustable. There are low energy/high output designs available to minimise the space they take up, without compromising on that “warm hug” you get from walking into a well heated bathroom.

Of course, there are alternatives to radiators, including under floor and duct heating, but they tend to be far more costly and troublesome to install. They are also a maintenance and repair headache. One of the beauties of the Origins range of radiators is that they are price conscious but high quality, and they can be replaced easily and quickly if you do decide to renovate again in a few years.

The range provides you with style and structure options, to make sure your radiators fit your personal choices and the overall theme you have chosen for your bathroom. They can be wholly wall mounted, or floor mounted and flush against the wall.

Origins offers different materials and finishes on radiator panels - stainless, white and chrome – each with engineering efficiency and reliability you can depend on.

Don’t forget there are some state-of-the-art Origins designs that offer you a handy combination of both a heated towel rail and a bathroom radiator all in the same, super smart structure. Some radiators have the capability of drying towels too.

Size matters – it must fit well with the overall theme and available space in your bathroom, without being intrusive or obstructing movement. Sometimes, in smaller bathrooms, having a radiator that blends in and is hardly noticeable is great.

At one time the trend was to fit radiators against the coldest wall of the room, usually under the window. The days of double glazing mean this is not necessary anymore, so Origins have provided creative solutions for British bathrooms, so you can decide where they go.

Radiator valves

Central to making a radiator (and towel rail) as effective and energy efficient as possible, are the valves used in Origins high quality products. These are all engineered to European standards of manufacture by companies who know that you want reliability as well as keen prices.

All radiators need valves to work; one to regulate the system and one to adjust the temperature. They are not all the same – and they offer you choices on how they work and look.

When you are measuring up your bathroom to see which of the beautiful heating methods you want, don’t forget to measure the space available for the panels or frames, but also for the pipework and valves. The high quality, but affordable range is incredibly ergonomic and sleek. But you still need to be aware of the fact some elements protrude slightly from the main shape.

Traditionally, radiators and towel rails would have a manual valve. This is still an option, offering ease of use and total control over heat output. However, many modern bathroom heating appliances use thermostatic radiator valves. These are a super-efficient way of controlling the heat in a bathroom, as they adjust the heat output over time. This puts you in charge of the times of day and the level of warmth that suit your bathroom usage and the season.

Gone are the days when all radiators conformed to a similar shape. Now you have the option of horizontal or vertical settings, to fit the space available. You can also direct heat in a certain direction or simply make a design statement. Therefore, you need the valves to be equally flexible rather than being a uniform shape and configuration.

With the Origins range of European manufactured products, you can also get valve kits that fit corners, as well as ones to accommodate straight and angled radiators, to ensure that they fit well into your bathroom dimensions.

Bathroom heating BTU

Whether it’s a bathroom radiator, heated towel rail or a towel drying radiator you are shopping for, they all carry an indication of how much heat they will give off. This is measured in what is called the British Thermal Unit (or BTU).

The size of BTU you need for your product depends on the size of your room, how toasty warm you want it to be in there and the number and type of windows. If your bathroom heating needs to have a high BTU rating (to boost the warmth up) you may need more than one radiator, or a heated towel rail and a radiator.

If it’s a small bathroom and you can heat it relatively easy, one smart, efficient Origins product from the bathroom heating range will do the job very well.

You simply need to make sure the output of your heating appliance for your bathroom matches the effectiveness and reach you need.

If you are unsure of the BTU rating/heat output of any of our radiators, don’t hesitate to ask.

Bathroom heating that lasts

We can’t talk about creating a warm and luxurious bathroom for you, without mentioning safety and longevity.

Please always have the highly affordable Origins bathroom heating range fitted by a certified electrician. Water and electricity are literally a lethal combination if they come in to contact.

Also, please think carefully about where you are going to place your radiators and heated towel rails, to ensure they work efficiently and effectively for many years to come. Where can they throw off as much uninterrupted warmth as possible? Where can they do their job efficiently without getting hit by doors or blocked by other items of bathroom furniture?

The Origins range is of high quality. It is splash proof and designed to withstand the busy life of a British bathroom. However, coming into contact with too much liquid – including sprays and other beauty products – will eventually have an effect.

If you have a family or hotel bathroom that might really test the durability of your bathroom heating and other furniture in there, you may want to consider buying items from the Origins range in chrome. This finish does offer a slight heat reduction compared against other materials, but chrome is particularly tough and hard-wearing.

We want your European-crafted, quality Origins heating items to be keeping you warm for a long time to come.

Bathrooms with a warm embrace

To really show that the Origins bathroom heating range cares about the needs of British homeowners, the range includes eco-timers to avoid wasting power – a great way of keeping one eye on your utility bills and the environment.

Don’t wait until Autumn, when you realise how cold that room can get, call us today for more information.

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