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Bathroom Furniture Buyers Guide

Bathroom Furniture Buyers Guide

The bathroom furniture you choose is not just about creating storage and countertops. It can really affect the mood of the room, and establish your theme and style.

What do we mean by bathroom furniture? It’s those finishing touches and extras that make the bathroom a place to enjoy relaxation and calm. They enable you to tie the interior design to outstanding functionality.

Choosing the right units, cabinets and shelves will give your bathroom suite decorative structure and form. But it will also provide the vital storage you need in modern bathrooms, which these days involve more “lotions and potions” than ever before. You may well also use your bathrooms to put on make-up, shave or relax with candles. It really is a multi-functional room.

Forget the idea of a simple rubber duck if you have children in the house these days. No bathroom is complete without a host of waterproof toys to throw in the tub with you. Or, a shower radio to keep you company.

So, where do you store all of these things when you want your bathroom to be an uncluttered and orderly haven of tranquillity? Fortunately, the clever people at Origins in Europe have developed bathroom furniture that can cope with your everyday needs.

It may seem a tall order to find furniture that looks beautiful and copes 100% of the time with all the activity and purpose of modern bathrooms. Fortunately, the Origins range will continue to look fabulous and carry out its purpose for a long time to come. That’s because all items are produced to a high standard, by designers, engineers and craftspeople who know what UK property owners want, and need, for their bathroom.

Can I afford craftsman made bathroom furniture?

It’s likely you are working to a budget in designing and creating a new bathroom for your home, hotel or other residential property. Or maybe you have set money aside to upgrade an existing bathroom and you want your cash to go as far as possible.

Don’t think this means your only option is off the shelf, mass produced bathroom furniture. The Origins range is so competitively priced, that you don’t have to cut corners to create gorgeous bathrooms.

The range is shown here and the pictures and short descriptions will help you to find the items you want and need. If you think of it in the same way as kitchen cupboards, you will see you have various facia finishes, colours and accessories to choose from, and different sizes of units.

You also need to plan your lighting carefully, not least to show off all the smart new features that your bathroom provides.

We have made it easy to search on styles and price ranges on this page. The guide below is designed to provide additional support in making your choices in bathroom furniture. And don’t forget, you can always ring us for a no-obligation chat to make choosing and buying even easier.

Putting the spotlight on lighting

The combination and intensity of lights you use not only changes the mood of rooms, but also the perception of space. The placement and type of lights in a bathroom can make it look bigger, and highlight key features.

You may want to consider the ambient light (naturally provided by a window or the general light you artificially create) in relation to spotlights, which provide added glow around key features.

It may be that when choosing your bathroom furniture, you want to highlight mirrors for example, and build in the options of different levels of light for day and night time use.

Whatever combination you choose, the light fixtures must dovetail with all other aspects of your interior design, from the room size, to your colour scheme and the Origins bathroom furniture you choose.

Lighting is an important consideration in bathrooms in another way too, as fixtures probably come under more stress there than in any other room. Bathrooms involve steam and all sorts of perfumes and sprays in the environment.

Origins lighting has been designed with all of this in mind. Every component is crafted to a high standard, to ensure that it not only looks good – and casts the right levels of ambient and spot lighting - but it is also stands up to the rigours of the bathrooms.

If you want to add a really eye catching feature to the room, check out the bathroom cabinets that incorporate mirrors and strip LED lights into their design. Origins craftspeople understand LED lighting technology, and ensure that it not only offers a more efficient and longer lasting light fixture, but it also makes a style statement.

How do I choose the bathroom furniture for my space?

It’s important to get clear measurements and a detailed plan when designing your dream bathroom and considering furniture – whether you are starting from scratch or upgrading an existing layout.

Making use of every centimetre of space is great, but you don’t want bathroom furniture that’s crammed together, leaving you struggling to open cabinet doors and drawers or rubbing up on a hot towel rail to reach a high shelf.

As you will want to balance creating a beautiful bathroom and making it practical for everyday use, it’s also a good idea to have a hit list of “needs”. Would you like a shelf near the bath or basin, are you going to need to store towels in the bathroom, and is the mirror best placed over the basin or near a draw full of make-up?

The options offered by the Origins range are extensive, so you need to be sure what will fit, but also how it integrates together. The more thought you give to this, the easier it will be to find the items from the range that best fit your dimensions and ideals.

Bathroom furniture to suit your style

One of the next decisions is to find a style and look from the Origins range of furniture that matches your basin, bath, WC and overall colour scheme and theme.

This is when your personal preferences really need to rise to the top, as this affordable range is not an “off the shelf” or “one size fits all” mass produced product. It offers an incredibly diverse choice of styles from minimalist to opulent.

So, for example, if you are aiming for a traditional, classical and period style bathroom, then you possibly want your furniture to have a mellow wood finish in a range of stunning hues. But if you are looking for something contemporary, clean and sleek, then the white and black gloss finishes perfectly complement white or black ceramics.

Vanity units for space and style

In bathroom terminology, a vanity unit is a cabinet that integrates a basin within it. Some even extend further to incorporate the WC.

These bathroom basin units come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Your choice depends on the dimensions of your new or existing basin of course. However, you need to consider how much space you have in your bathroom to add cupboards, draws, or both, leaving enough room to make sure they can be opened and closed easily.

If you have a wall mounted basin, then you can have a vanity unit around it, as the Origins range offers stylish solutions in a range of shapes and finishes.

If space is limited or the bathroom is a quirky shape, then you can still add invaluable under basin storage, as Origins European craftsmen create slimline vanity units for cloakroom and corner basins.

If you have a preference (and enough room) for a larger freestanding vanity unit, then Origins also has affordable furniture to match that need. This could be flush to the floor or created with legs to lift it. Options are available to incorporate two basins, and have multiple doors built in.

How your basin sits within the vanity unit is also a matter of choice. Some basins lend themselves better to being top mounted, resting on the upper edge of the bathroom unit. Others are better recessed, so they are flush with the top of the basin unit, creating a level surface.

There are also some highly attractive and space saving vanity units that will only partially integrate the basin, leaving some of the ceramic jutting out for a very stylish effect.

Toilet cabinets

It’s amazing to think that even toilets can make a style statement these days. And the space around them can be utilised for extra storage too.

Origins WC units offer a range of sizes and finishes, including attractive options that also integrate your basin into an L shape or oblong cabinet.

It means you can use every centimetre of your bathroom to good effect. Having a WC cabinet is especially handy in ensuite bathrooms and washrooms, where a separate storage unit would be intrusive.

Like vanity units, WC cabinets are a great way to hide pipework away behind something classy that enhances your bathroom theme.

Useful and attractive bathroom cabinets

For many people, using the space beneath basins in complementary vanity units is the primary source of bathroom storage. However, If you have the space to add extra cabinets to your design, then you have plenty of options in the Origins range. All matched up beautifully to your chosen finish and style.

The size of cabinet depends on what space you have available. Options include narrow and corner units, to fit in even the smallest of bathrooms. Or items far more substantial to create a “wall full” of wonderful storage possibilities.

The Origins range includes both wall mounted and floor standing bathroom units. They can incorporate cupboards, draws or both. They can even be open fronted, shelved bathroom cabinets to make grabbing a towel extremely easy.

Tops of vanity units and bathroom cabinets

Clearly the top of your vanity unit is your basin, but you might still want a bathroom unit of sufficient size to create a countertop around its rim. Bathroom cabinets can also create extra work surfaces.

Some options in the Origins range have countertops in the same materials and colours as the body of the unit. But you also have choices that offer different counter tops, including granite and slate effect.

They are all easy to clean and maintain, so how you “top off” your Origins cabinets can be a design choice, to add another feature to your attractive and durable bathroom storage.

Getting a handle on your bathroom furniture details

The European made, quality products in the Origins range all have one thing in common, attention to detail.

When choosing bathroom vanity units and cabinets you need the assurance that every handle, draw runner and screw is craftsman made. The handles are particularly important, as they are sometimes the first thing to drop off mass produced furniture!

Take a look at the range to see the choice of handles, but also the mirrors you can incorporate in and around your new furniture.

Sometimes it’s the little things that count. But thankfully, with Origins you have the assurance that the competitive price you paid will include guaranteed durability, lasting beauty and finishing touches you can rely on.

Helpful, eye-catching shelves

Shelves can be a valuable addition to new or upgraded bathrooms by adding additional style and convenience.

We can’t always linger in our beautiful new bathroom, so having toiletries to hand on well planned shelves makes for an easier life.

Or it could be that you are going for a decorative effect, in which case shelves provide places to display your aloe vera, bamboo or fern plant pots, or your collection of shells for example.

Whatever effect and function you aim to create, the Origins range can offer solutions, without taking you way over budget.

Don’t just think in terms of oblong wooden “rail” shelves either. The choice of finishes, patterns and styles is as extensive as the rest of the range.

The dictionary definition of “furniture” is items that make a room suitable for living, and small accessories or fittings that are required for a particular task. The definition of Origins bathroom furniture is craftsman made items that tie function and form together to create pieces of beauty.

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