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Taps & Mixers Buyers Guide

Taps & Mixers Buyers Guide

Origins Basin Taps & Mixers Guide

When it comes to choosing a design for a bathroom, taps are often one of the most overlooked features for getting the perfect look you want. While they are a functional piece of equipment, they're also a natural focal point to catch the eye when entering a bathroom, and like all other metallic fixtures, are an important point for contrast to help achieve the perfect style. The sheer range and breadth of different styles available in modern bathrooms mean that you can't afford to just pick any set of taps. Getting the right style to go with your decor can improve the look of your bathroom by a significant amount, and even transform your style from something mundane into a sleek, stylish and modern design.

The Origins range

Origins have some of the most unique and elegant designs for basin taps available on the market today. Whether you're looking for basin taps or mixers, the range of styles available can complement almost any style of bathroom. A high level of functionality is also provided too, with the taps providing excellent flow and temperature control, as well as additional features such as pop-up waste.

Origins bathroom features have been made in collaboration with some of the best designers in Europe, to achieve a timeless yet modern look that blends form and functionality. As well as presenting the latest in bathroom styles from the continent, the taps are also designed to be highly affordable, to help bring the cutting edge in home design to the everyday household with ease. Efficient and easy to install as well as stylish, the Origins range is the pinnacle of lengthy experience in design and manufacture.

What complements my bathroom?

As well as any practical considerations, you'll need to think about what kind of style will best suit your bathroom. If you have traditional decor in your bathroom, you might prefer to opt for a classic set of two basin taps, whereas if your bathroom is more on the modern side, you can go for a mixer tap. In addition, if you want a more minimalist design, you can always opt for a monobloc mixer tap, which keeps things as simple and stylish as possible. There's also the materials to consider - make sure it fits in with everything else you plan to do in the bathroom, and if you haven't got everything in place yet, be sure to think ahead.

Origins taps also often come in a variety of different sizes - be sure to measure up and get a size which won't look out of place in your bathroom. If you have a larger basin, you'll generally want larger taps to go with it, so make sure you don't choose something that's too big or too small for the other features and fixtures present or planned. Even if the design is perfect for the rest of your decor, a tap that clearly appears too large or too small won't have the desired effect and could spoil the look.

Tap styles

Classic Basin Taps

The standard and classic look for a British bathroom involves two stylish taps for hot and cold water. This look is excellently achieved with Origins' basin taps, which combine a classic style with a more modern design for the taps themselves, helping you to have the best of both worlds and a bathroom which is traditional yet modern. These will go with a wide variety of different basins, from a more classic rounded look to the modern, square basins which are increasingly popular in the UK.

Mixer taps

Mixer taps offer an extra level of functionality by allowing you to have warm water right out of the tap. The cold and hot water supplies are mixed in the tap so you can get the water at the perfect temperature you require. While this is more common in continental bathrooms, it is quickly becoming more popular in the UK too and is a feature of many more modern bathrooms.

For mixer taps, there are two basic kinds you can go for - dual flow or monobloc. A dual flow system will provide you with two handles for one tap, allowing you to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water by using more hot or cold water to provide the stream. Alternatively, monobloc taps simply have one handle for both pressure and temperature. As well as being simpler to use, these taps can also provide some elegant and sleek designs which will go perfectly in many minimalist and modern bathrooms. They are particularly at home with square designs of basins, although they have also been used to great effect with clear glass basins in some of the latest bathroom designs. This is a style that can really allow you to be creative in getting the look that suits you best.

Basin Mixer Tap

The Origins Basin Mixer Tap is perhaps the perfect example of this style, with a design focus on clean, straight lines designed to look at home in modern bathrooms. If you're aspiring towards this look, this tap will help you go a long way to achieving it, giving a highly elegant air to any bathroom. Again, this is excellently suited for larger square basins.

Basin Monobloc Mixer Tap

The Origins Basin Monobloc Mixer Tap provides a smooth, well-rounded design which is perfect for bathrooms which, while minimalist, have plenty of smooth curves as well as straight lines incorporated into their decor. The addition of water save technology also helps it to be an economically efficient tap too, and it works even at low pressure. A very similar design also comes in the form of the Origins Elite Basin Mixer Tap, which works at high or low pressure. The five-year guarantee given to both of these products reflects the high-quality design and manufacture, ensuring that they'll give you plenty of use along with the rest of your bathroom. Design-wise, they've also been made with versatility in mind - they can look at home in virtually any kind of bathroom.

Bathroom Basin Mixer Tap

Meanwhile, the Origins Bathroom Basin Mixer Tap incorporates a bold design somewhere between the two extremes of curved and straight lines, which makes it perfect if your minimalist style incorporates both. Nonetheless, they remain a versatile fixture which can complement the look of a wide variety of different styles.

Wall-mounted mixers

For an even more modern look, and to give your bathroom something that will really make it stand out, you could consider a wall-mounted mixer. Instead of being attached to the basin, these mixer taps are built into the wall, and like ordinary mixer taps, come in variants with both one and two handles to control the flow and temperature of the water. Some of the designs see the handle and tap come in one block together, while others have the two separate to help them stand out more starkly, perfect if you have a contrast with darker tiles and brighter, chrome taps. These also allow a greater freedom with basins - a variety of unique basin designs can be used here, with large square basins particularly popular for use with this kind of tap.

In addition to water flow, many Origins taps also have a pop-up waste feature. Instead of requiring a plug, a lever at the back of your tap will open or close to reveal its inbuilt drain system, a simpler and more effective way to deal with waste. Again, this feature has long been popular in continental bathrooms but is becoming increasingly common in the UK - it's a great feature if you want to keep a minimalist look and have a modern, stylish bathroom. Many Origins mixer taps, such as the Dusk and Dawn basin mixer variants, come with this feature included.

For the most part, mixer taps are easy to install, although you should be wary of your pressure - see the section below for more details.


If you're looking to install new taps in your bathroom, you'll need to be aware of your water pressure. In general, mixer taps require a higher pressure than your plumbing may be able to provide in order to function - you should check this out beforehand to ensure that your new taps will provide an efficient and optimal flow of water. This is particularly pertinent if you're getting a whole new bathroom, as it will be far easier to change the plumbing before any other major works.

Origins taps are manufactured to the highest standards and give optimum control over flow and temperature, helping to avoid any problems which can cause issues for older plumbing systems in some bathrooms. With other features such as pop-up waste, water saving technology and the ability to work at a variety of different pressures, you're sure to find something that fits perfectly - have a browse of our catalogue of Origins taps today and find out how you can get something which completes your dream bathroom.

It can also be the case that some homes can have distinct differences in water pressure between the hot and cold water supplies. For separate taps, this usually isn't too much of a problem, but for mixer taps, it can cause issues. Fortunately, you can opt for dual flow taps, which are specifically designed to reduce unequal pressure and get things working smoothly.

Simply put, the modern bathroom allows for a huge variety of different styles and designs which can be used to help give you the look of your dreams. Key to deciding which tap to go for is to make sure that whichever you choose, whether it's a monobloc, standard taps or a wall-mounted mixer, that it fits both your stylistic and practical concerns. With most of these systems relatively simple to install, and the high-quality designs and construction at Origins allowing the taps to operate at both low and high water pressure, nobody should be put off finding even the most unique design to truly fit their style.

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