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Basin Wastes Guide

Basin Wastes Guide

Creating a new bathroom or updating an existing one is not just about making it look good. It’s an essential part of the property for everyone who lives there, and it will no doubt be used countless times every day. So, designing and constructing a bathroom that functions brilliantly and consistently is vital. Which is why no detail should be left to chance, right down to the waste system you use on your basins.

Maybe you have never looked into drainage before. But think about it – the average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water each and every day. That’s largely going down their sinks, baths and showers. Clearly, that’s also a lot of pressure on the drainage system taking your water away – complete with soap!

There are a lot of things that could go wrong if you don’t give careful thought to your basin waste system – not least standing in sudsy water in your shower tray and getting some nasty shocks from your sink and bath plugholes.

Making the right choice of basin fittings now can ensure that it’s something you don’t have to think about again for a long time.

It’s why the Origins range is so popular, offering high-quality European craftsmanship at affordable prices. Once fitted, it provides a reliable service and easy maintenance, meaning you don’t “waste” any more time dealing with waste problems.

The Origins range of basin waste components also gives you choices. The range includes items to fit a variety of sinks, baths and showers, the spaces around them, and your own preferences. It’s another good reason to choose craftsman-made European basin wastes, rather than cheap “off the shelf” versions.

This handy guide gives you an overview of some of the options in the highly affordable Origins range, but we are always happy to chat about what best suits your bathroom and style ideas.

We have also “demystified” some of the jargon below, as a helpful guide to choosing the right waste systems for bathroom basins.

Tips for choosing basin wastes

When you are choosing which of the superb Origins range best suits your purposes, you need to think about the overall finish you want, but also the style of the bathroom sink, tub or shower, and the space available for the drainage system.

Clearly, the actual basin structure is the first consideration – but there are Origins basin waste systems to suit pedestal, wall hung or countertop basins, low profile shower trays and the many variations of bathtubs on the market these days.

Your aim is to have a sink or bath that can hold water back when you want it to – a bathtub that leaks your lovely hot water away is a great disappointment. But you also want both of those items – and your shower – to empty in a speedy, efficient and safe manner.

When it comes to safety, it’s not just creating sealed mechanisms and pipework to prevent flooding, but also making sure waste is disposed of completely and hygienically. And that nothing from the sewage system is going to come back up into your basin.

Take it away! Talking waste traps

To keep your sink, bath and shower basins clean, hygienic and odourless, it is important to make sure that your waste water is efficiently and effectively removed. But, also, that the pipework leading to the sewers from the basin doesn’t let any water or odours back up again, particularly as this could deliver bacteria to the areas you use to use to brush your teeth and wash. Yuk.

It sounds simple enough to take water away and stop anything coming back up. However, not all sinks, baths and showers have the same attention to detail and engineering craftsmanship of the Origins range. This means the water collection and disposal may not be as smooth and consistent as you would like and it is possible for them to be breached by smells and bacteria from your drain. Having a choice of well-designed and constructed water traps is another good reason to opt for the high standard of European craftsmanship of the affordable Origins range.

The plumbing for any basin incorporates various types of “trap” which capture waste water below the plug area and keep it flowing seamlessly to your drainage pipe and then the sewer system. Basin traps make sure that things flow only in one direction – away from your bathroom.

Some traps on the market include a removable component that you can take out and empty if a blockage occurs but modern basin waste systems rarely need this measure.

The most common type is a bottle trap – shaped just as you would imagine – but there also free-flow versions and traditional U-bends. There is also something called a P-bend trap – this is like a U-shaped one but the upper part of the arm is bent horizontally.

The different shapes and sizes of traps suit different bathroom furniture – clearly, a freestanding sink provides more room for a substantial trap than a low profile shower tray. Whichever type of trap you choose, we will provide standard fittings to ensure it is fully integrated into your sink, bath or shower kit.

The Origins range features traps that suit all bathroom furniture kits and spaces, but if you’re not sure which one best fits your needs, don’t hesitate to ask us for advice.

Slotted or unslotted?

One of the choices you face in creating an effective basin waste system is whether to have a slotted or unslotted system. What’s the difference? Well, we are happy to explain.

This option refers to the fixture that houses the “plug” - the element of the water disposal system that carries the water out of the sink, bath or shower.

It is designed to fit snugly into the waste hole of your basin, letting water out but also making sure nothing else drops down into the pipework. If it was just an open pipe, foreign objects could fall into your drainage system and block it.

You need a slotted basin waste system if your basin has a built-in overflow. The unslotted one fits basins with no overflow. It is important to get this right as each type is constructed to match the housing.

The Origins range offers waste water release systems and housings in slotted or unslotted versions, so they can be fitted into all styles and types of basin.

Flip, Pop-Up or Push Plugs

That may sound like a strange exercise regime, but in fact, these are some of your choices for the type of draining mechanism you can choose from the Origins range. In other words, though you may want the retro look of a simple plug and chain mechanism, you have far more choices that ever before, combining competitive prices with high-quality construction.

Thanks to the technical know-how of the European manufacturers behind the range, the system you use to release water from your Origins basin includes “pop-up” waste plugs. These ultra-modern devices open and close by activating a smart-looking lever or by turning a smooth “wheel” towards the top of the basin.

You can also get plugs that open or close by flipping them into position. One of the most popular modern options though is a push plug, which instantly responds when you push it down. You push it down again to release it. One of the beauties of a push-button plug is that it can look very sleek and stylish in contemporary or cutting-edge bathrooms.

All options are about putting you in control of your bathroom, but also giving you different pricing choices within the overall cost-effective range.

And don’t forget, if you simply want a chain attached to your sink or bath with a snug-fitting plug that you can pull out manually, then we can do that too! For some people, the classic designs and systems are comforting and familiar.

Click clack waste water disposal

This system for releasing waste water from your basin is a particularly attractive fitting and uses modern engineering to good effect.

It can be used in most modern, standard-sized sinks and tubs and operates with fingertip control. Despite the fact it looks minimalistic and fits snugly and sleekly into your basin, it is, in fact, a robust component. Like all the Origins range of basin fittings, it is built to last no matter how much usage your basin gets.

Overflow info

Some sink and bath units come with holes in them as part of their design, usually just under the taps. This is created to drain water away if the basin overfills.

In many traditional basins, the overflow is a circular “grill” with holes, which also connects the plug chain to the sink or bath.

Some sort of overflow system in a basin is crucial. That way, if the basin fills with water and no one notices, you can avoid a flood by having the water drain away automatically from the overflow outlet and down the pipes.

Some modern sinks – including those from the Origins range – have drainage systems built into the sink or bath filler system, and these too activate automatically when the amount of water in the basin reaches a certain height.

The type of overflow system you use depends on the style of the rest of your basin components.

Basin waste fittings

They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Well, ensuring that your waste water runs smoothly away from your sink, bath or shower is only as effective as the smallest component. To ensure that you benefit from problem-free waste water drainage and disposal from your bathroom items, then cheapest is definitely not always best.

That is particularly true if you want your bathroom furniture to stand the test of time (and the corrosive effects of large amounts of soapy water). It really is frustrating if your sleek, smart-looking sink, bath or shower starts giving you problems deep in the mechanisms. That’s a headache you don’t want.

Every element of the basin waste system should seal completely, and moving parts like levers and springs for drainage should be precision-engineered. It is not just a matter of ease of installation and use, but also the assurance that it is guaranteed to last until the next bathroom refit.

This means that you need to have the assurance that the components you can’t see are as well made as the exterior of your basin waste system. Basin waste fittings manufactured to high standards in Europe benefit from attention to detail and many years of experience. Even better, the Origins range offers you reliable and attractive bathroom waste fittings at prices that put you in control of quality.

Plug any knowledge gaps by talking to us

It may be that you have never actually thought about waste water before, but if you are spending time and money on a smart new bathroom – or upgrading an existing one – it certainly needs some thought. Having a reliable and efficient waste water management system in your sink, bath or shower will go a long way to ensuring that you can use your new items problem-free for many years.

But it’s not just a matter of hygiene and cleanliness, your basin waste system can also match the style and finish of the rest of your bathroom fittings. The Origin range provides well-made, affordable options that look superb and match other fixtures and fittings.

To help you to create a bathroom that works well and looks good, contact us for a chat. If nothing else, it avoids “wasting” time on bathroom furniture and kits that don’t function properly.

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